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“Smaug”Nice vid. I saw it right after the long pesting one. 

I think you could have skipped a bit of the fiddling in the middle and it wouldn’t lose anything, but I like your full disclosure approach!

Include your wife/girlfriend shooting it too, in future videos. I love the: “Isn’t this cheating?” That’s how I felt, the first time I used a scope, then red dot, then aperture sight.

She was just some one I ran into at the range..
I usually let every one i run in to shoot my guns (airguns that is) it is a whole different side of shooting that not a lot of people really know about.
She was there with her mom and her mom was like an expert pistol shooter and she was teaching her daughter how to shoot.
I didn’t want to push my bounds with the camera seeing how they could easily both out shoot me..