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Ginuwine 1969,

Do you mean with the Impact or BT 65?   I’m assuming you mean Impact since you mentioned the Baracuda’s.   I’m still playing with the settings trying to get the 30fps spread down; the rebuilt regulator is really no better than the one I had.  I’m finding the fps spread changes based on the power level settings which isn’t intuitive to me.  “X” volume of regulated air released on setting 1 to Max should have the same effect in my book but that isn’t happening on the Impact.  Accuracy at 50 yards for the new/accurized .25 barrel is now very good.  With sorted AA or JSB 25’s and the power turned down it is now shooting  one rough hole inside a 3/8 “kill zone circle” at 50 yards except for a flyer (or me) for an entire magazine.   Haven’t had a chance to take it out to 100 yards or work with the new 30 barrel yet.  Those little pin holes you see around the hole are the lead fragments splattering back when one pellet lands right on top of the other pellets already there.

I had some time over the weekend so I built up layers of aluminum to sit between the scope and the bottom of the rear scope mount so I could ‘point’ the scope down enough to make it usable in the actual cross hairs.  AoA reported parallelism between the scope mount and receiver on my gun and all their inventory to be about .001 (they are basically both pointed straight forward so the pellet never crosses the scope line).  My shim needed to be .0295″ thick to get the pellet to hit at cross hairs from 10-50 yards in the center of my scopes range.  I’d ask the machinists here to weigh in on whether they think a whole batch of rifles being off by 3/100″ is normal for CNC machine work.