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.177 caliber velocities Our tech department provided this shot string, which was done with 5.25 grain match ballistic alloy pellets:

Shot 1: 428.11 fps Shot 2: 513.51 fps Shot 3: 493.59 fps Shot 4: 489.98 fps Shot 5: 499.75 fps Shot 6: 492.83 fps Shot 7: 497.49 fps Shot 8: 497.08 fps Shot 9: 474.27 fps High: 513.51 Low: 428.11 Average: 487.40 fps

Can you hunt pigeons with this?
Shoots would be taken from 15 to 30 feet.


These numbers vary widely.  Your low is 428, your high is 513.  This gives us a rough 2.75 fpe of energy for each shot.  This gun is marginal at any range on pigeons except for head shots at a few feet.  It might be ok for mice and possibly small rats under 30 feet.  It would be cruel to use it on anything larger at any range.  Sorry to pop your bubble but you are going to cripple a whole lot more than you are going to kill.  For your reference, a paint marker shoots .68 cal paint balls that weigh 47 grains.  The muzzle velocity is limited to 300 fps by the rules.  The paint ball has four times as much energy at the muzzle as the pellets from your gun have at the muzzle.  Friend I am sorry, it is not enough gun for killing.