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Yep, coincidentally last week ☺
Turned the reg. of a R500 up a bit, readjusted the hst, and it went from 245m/s to 255m/s.
My reg. tester is ready, but I yet have to measure the new reg. pressure. 
I turned the reg. up about 1/6th turn, but couldn’t measure the pressure at that time.
The pressure can be measured by removing the stud to fit the stock.
The hole is threaded with m6 thread, and I can fit my hw100 reg. tester to measure the regulator pressure.
Basically, it is just a manometer with an adapter from 1/8bsp to m6. I made mine myself, but the are also for sale for little money:

Only thing you need more is a manometer (also inexpensive) to make the tool complete.

The gun can take it, but I personally wouldn’t go beyond 160bar, which is the stock regulator pressure of the Boss (same regulator)