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New to forum but I saw this topic and realized that I had just posted the same question on another forum not long ago. I was leaning heavily toward a .25 FX Wildcat after considering almost every known bullpup. I wanted a regulated rifle even though I had never owned one I thought it would be great for me since I hand pump. I figured I could pump anywhere into the regulated pressure and get consistent shots until I come off the reg. After agonizing for weeks I finally ended up with a Taipan Mutant standard. It’s the most expensive pcp that I have purchased so far. I’m very impressed with it. From 250 bar I get 50-60 shots at ~900 fps using JSB 18.13 and the accuracy is crazy good. I just sold my Marauder pistol and may sell my .25 Marauder rifle because I don’t shoot them anymore. I’m sure you can’t go too wrong with any of the rifles you are considering but I thought I would at least give another thumbs up to the Mutant from my personal experience. Good luck!