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well good luck Major, there’s nothing ‘secret’ or especially difficult in finding a good Springer (rated) scope as most have been around for a while – look at what other Springer owners are using.

I come at this from the viewpoint of a Hunter not a Target shooter, hence my advice on ‘small and simple’. Target shooters are in a rarified world and in the area known as Recoiling Rifle (airrifle) a good proportion use rifles with mechanisms designed to counteract recoil. They are also ‘rarified’ in being able to justify $1,500 scopes to themselves (or their Home Accountancy Expert – not sure how, I do wish they’d pass on that info 🙂 ).

Here’s the particular section of your link (in the OP) that gets’ my goat…

“As the spring and piston are moving forward, the gun is recoiling back against your shoulder with significant pressure. Now here’s the part that many people don’t understand. As the piston comes to the end of the compression chamber it will actually strike the wall with substantial force, and the gun will now bounce forward, recoiling away from you”.

That is his description of the Normal Firing of a Springer BTW – it is also completely and totally wrong.

Ignore some stuff you may read on the WWW.