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I have a WildCat and Cricket, both in .22.  

My Cricket BP has the heavy synthetic stock so for its size it is pretty heavy.  My WildCat on the flip side is very light, easier to carry and ergonomically more pleasing to shoot.  Noise wise the WildCat was somewhat disappointing because the standard factory shrowd doesn’t tame the bark as well as the Cricket.  I added the FX stackable pack and now it’s very quiet but adds some length.  When the stackable pack showed up I thought is was made out of plastic because it was so light but upon examination it is high grade machined aluminum, so if you get this add on, it adds virtually no weight, just length.  Accuracy wise the nod goes to the Cricket, but not by much.  I think the CZ barrel affords more accuracy than the Smooth Twist, although for what Smooth Twist is, it is very accurate.   I have no regrets purchasing either one, and plan on keeping both.