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“NMshooter”I have been mulling over a bull pup in .25 for about a year. I was all excited about the Pulsar and the Gallahad but the .22 are powered properly but the .25 are underpowered. I am a lefty so some rifles didn’t work for me like the Cricket, however, I have the Carbine version and it is a nice rifle. I had the chance to shoulder the Wildcat but didn’t like how it felt. The Bobcat, although heavier and longer felt much better. The weight did not appear to be a huge factor. The mutant just does not appeal to me.

I eventually selected the Edgun Matador. Check out EdgunWest’s videos. Ed is a lefty and he seems to be able to shoot just fine. There are some new modifications to rifle. I personally like the KISS rule, the less complicated the potential less problems. One real thing for me that is not really looked at is the barrel type. After having two Hammer-forged barrels, you have to clean these barrels after about 100-200 rounds. Not a big issue but, I run about 1/2 dozen patches through more than once for two rifles and it can take some time. The Edguns have a Lothar Walther barrel, which is cleaned less and a proven barrel. The bolt is easy to remove so cleaning is even easier. There is a new moderator that is supposed to improve the “harmony” of the barrel therefore improving the accuracy. Check the Short video, he shoots several eggs at 250 yards. There has been an improvement for the indexing of the magazine as well as a reduction in the cost of the mags ($30). He has a video where he can take the rifle down in about 5 min. so I am hoping to do my own repairs. As more and more rifles are getting more complicated, I chose a rifle with a basic format, an excellent barrel, that can be maintainanced by me. The rifle comes in this month. We shall see if I made the correct choice

The Mutant doesn’t really appeal to anyone until they try it. It’s certainly not pretty with the stock it comes with. I only bought mine because my Cricket was being repaired and it had such consistently good reviews from other owners. I wasn’t expecting to really like it (or even keep it) but I changed my mind once I  used it. It’s just better than the others on the list if you want a 22. 

I was also intrigued by Ernest’s praise of the Mutant. Most people give opinions based on the guns they own (or have used) but he gets to not only try all of them, he takes them apart, fixes them and makes them better. He has a better view than most of the internals and has no reason to favor one brand over another. 

btw, The cocking lever can be moved to the left on the Mutant by the user. It’s fairly easy. 

I intend to own all of the bullpups on the list (except the Colibri) at some point. They all have strengths and weaknesses and most people would want to try more than one. Some of it comes down to how and where you’ll use it. I.e. If you require discretion and whether you’ll be carrying it or not.

My Cricket 25 is still my favorite but yesterday, I put my Mutant Shorty in a backpack and went for a walk in the forest. Turned out to be a great day for squirrel hunting. It was awesome. I wouldn’t have been able to do that with my other guns. The Shorty is the only one that fits in an ordinary backpack. It has that feeling that a lot of people want from a bullpup – light, short, easy to carry, accurate like a rifle but discrete like a pistol. A Cricket 25 is more like a carbine in length and the Wildcat 25 has another 2″ on top of that plus extra for baffle kits (which it needs). They aren’t backpack guns. They are awesome hunting rifles though. 

You’re probably not going to find a definitive answer by asking for others opinions (I know as I’ve tried too). It just gets more confusing as each person declares a different one as “the best” while offering equally compelling reasons. 

Just pick the one you like best and have fun. I’m fairly sure you aready know which one it is. You can always sell it and try another if you change your mind. There isn’t a bad choice here.