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“Smaug”I’m having a hard time visualizing how this would work.

Have you used Strelok Pro before?  You can choose your scope reticle from their database. You can also choose pellets from their database.  You input info like zero distance, pellet speed, scope height and distance to target, etc, into the program.  The program has a section with a reticle view.  This will show your scope reticle and the point of impact (POI) of the pellet based on the info you inputted.  Simply aim crosshairs on at the target and keep your gun stable.  You can adjust the scope tilt with FX rings. If the program shows there is a 4 dot holdover simply look through the scope with the adjustment nuts loosened and aim at the target.  See where 4 dot holdover is located while aiming at your target.  While keeping the gun stable tilt your scope to bring the crosshairs down so they are aligned at the place where 4 dots holdover (where the POI is) and tighten the scope down.  Since you have now changed the crosshairs to the POI simply aim at the target and the POI should be crosshairs on target.

Keep in mind you can build a profile for different guns with different pellets in Strelok Pro so once you have the profiles set up, you only have to change the distance to target to quickly get the POI. This just for distance.  The program also allows you to put info about weather conditions such as wind speed and direction to show exactly the POI.