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I used to have great success with red fires, but kinda moved on to polymags. I’m not sure why- the polymags are iffy in some guns.
I shot my Veles today at 22.5 yards off of a rest and in .177, 15 polymags made a half inch group .
Last Wednesday, at the range, the .25 cal Vulcan did 1″ groups at 50 yards, and the .22 Vulcan,  2″ @ 50 yards, both with polymags. The Fx’s don’t like polymags at all, but again fx’s are a one or two pellet gun in my yard.
The .25 with polymags, will rip open squirrels like a hollow point .22 powder burner. I haven’t been accurate enough with .22’s polymags to try them on game.
The .177 polymags has been effective, but I shoot  rodents. It’s all headshots and they were going to die with either pellet. I wouldn’t risk a body shot with the .177’s….
Love to hear some redfire stories!