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Berky, you make me smile…I finally found someone who loves their .25 Wildcat as much as I do! :) I get mine back this coming Thursday so I should be shooting on Friday if the weather is nice. I will let you know how my chrony numbers stack up to yours with the MKII pellets. I really like them best of all for accuracy, and the fact that a heavier pellet actually retains more velocity and energy downrange than a lighter one…so I always recommend shooting the heaviest pellet possible if it gives the best accuracy. I would very much like you to try lubing your cleaned pellets with some Napier Pellet Lube. (get the spray bottle) I experimented with many different things and proved to myself that it works the best of all.

The only thing I found that works slightly better is hBN…(hexagonal Boron Nitride)…it is used by competition shooters to impact plate copper plated bullets for reloading. Comp. shooters normally use hBN particle size 5 microns for coating the bullets for reloading, but I bought the hBN in particle size 70 nanometers. To use it I put about 1/8th of a teaspoon of it in a plastic baggie, then I put my acetone cleaned and dry pellets in the baggie and shake it around. (yes like shake and bake) They come out really beautiful with this very light coating of white powder…I tell the guys at the range it is “fairy dust”.  :)  If you would ever like to try some send me a pm with a way to contact you and I will send you some. The place in Canada where I got it only sells minimum sample size of one pound…that’s enough to coat about one trillion pellets…so I have plenty to share. Even if you take your pellets out of the baggie and rinse them with denatured alcohol they still retain the microscopic hBN down in the pores of the lead pellets, leaving them so slick and slippery, but with no oily greasy waxy residue to build up in your barrel over time. One thing you will notice is that your velocity will increase slightly because there is just so much less friction on the pellet on its way out of the barrel. Starting to think I am interested in accuracy Berky? Well my .25 Wildcat is the only platform that gives me the kind of accuracy I am interested in, and will be the standard by which I measure all other air rifles in the future. Glad to find a kindred spirit!

Best regards, Chuck

Here are a couple links to check out hBN if you are interested: