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“BRS”‘oldspook’ that’s largely an Internet myth and it suits airgun makers to not contradict that myth.

This point has been made by me and others many times – asking for evidence of any damage.

None has been shown (for a rifle that has not been either ‘modified’/bored out, or has completly failed piston seals/rings).

Dry Firing a Springer will cause excessive strain on several components but will not result in the ‘car crash’ scenario people like to talk about. (Laws of Physics).


Well if you insist on evidence.  I had a lovely Beeman R10. That was a fine rifle.  One day a friend came over.  He dry fired it.  It broke the spring.  I mean the gun was dry fired one time and it broke the spring.  Around that time I bought a Diana Model 48, one of the first ones made.  A decade or so later I made the mistake of dry firing it when a pellet dropped out of the barrel as I was closing the chamber.  It broke the spring.  I have a D460 in which I was shooting very, very, heavy pellets last fall while I was testing.  It bent the spring.  We have since replaced the spring.  I’m going to call that evidence shown.  Since I knew these things before there were anything like these forums on the Internet, I have to say, I don’t believe it is an Internet myth.  Additionally you assert that this “myth” somehow benefits the vendors.  Tell me, “How does it benefit a vendor to have a limitation of the product widely published?”

Actually, I’m new here and don’t want to step on anyone’s toes, but to be honest, I have never heard anyone in any forum ever make the assertion that damage from dry firing a spring air rifle won’t likely be catastrophic.  In my case it has almost always been catastrophic.  I think it is irresponsible to promote such obvious balderdash to new shooters who may not know better.  While we are at it, what is your opinion of deliberately dieseling a spring air rifle?

Now about physics,  I don’t have a degree in physics.  What University did you attend to get your physics degree?  I am interested because while I never did real physics, I’ve written a few million lines of code for DoD that simulate real physics…