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Thanks for the info. I didn’t see the less expensive FFP that Argos offers before. The option to go smaller but retain the FFP solves the issue of carrying more than you need for the job. 

Sometimes when I see people put a Hawk Sidewinder 30 on a 22 cal bullpup for backyard plinking at 50 yards, it kinda has the look of putting wings from a 747 on a Chrysler. It just looks silly.

4-14 x 44 is more than enough for anything you could hunt with a small bore air gun. Then again, the price is not that different for the higher power model so it might be tempting to get more juice and use it on a bench gun in case I decide to have a go at FT.

I like the pic on high magnification. I was kinda expecting that to be good though. I wouldn’t mind seeing a pic taken on it’s lowest usable power setting if you have time. That’s the one I had questions on. I’d like to see how the reticle looks at 6x at 15-20 yards which is apparently where the potential issue might be.

To be honest the thing I am most excited about from the review is the glass being clear across it’s range of magnification. It’s the quality of the glass that separates good scopes from cheaper ones which seem to have the same specs on paper. Most SFP scopes I have used will get blurry at higher power and detail suffers at distance. Being able to see clearly at distance and in lower light is more important than any other feature to me. If I can get it without spending a fortune, the rest is just a bonus. 

I think I’m going to try one. Maybe a man should have at least one FFP in his collection.