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The article you quote is basically correct but in places is built on ‘received’ internet wisdom, mostly for a quick catchy webpage, I imagine.

The single most important factor when considering a scope for a Springer is the TWO WAY RECOIL – pretty much all scopes can handle a one way push, not many can take the very rapid deceleration then counter recoil that a springer provides.

The Laws of Physics (prob. a few hundred year old Physics) tell me 🙂 that a lightweight scope capable of being mounted low to the receiver, with few ‘moving parts’ (read anything ‘adjustable’ apart from the crosshairs / turrets) will be the best choice.

A quick saunter thro’ my Springer scopes in constant use reveals 2 Leupold M8 4x32s, 1 Simmons WTC 1.5×5 28 (is it? great little scope)

All are small, lightweight and simple.

4×32 is STILL the very best scope parameters/option for Springer owners who hunt (IMO).