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The Argos reticle is quite thin even at high mag and distances.  This is my first attempt at using my EX-ZR200 setup so excuse the out of focus photos shot through my balcony window glass. The distance is 110 yards and supposed to be on manual focus, the Argos was at 34x (8-34x BTR Mil dot). Note that at max mag only 5.5 mil dot is visible on the sight picture which works for most pellets but may be an issue with pellets that drop below 20 inches at 100 yards if you had your rifle zeroed at 50 yards.

The good thing about FFP scopes that it’s easy to estimate distance (not that you need it with the parallax dial) because the mil dots are always the same in relation to the target’s size throughout the magnification range at a given distance….i.e. the target can shrink or grow the mild dots will always be the same.

So in this case the target is a 6 inch tall license plate from about 110 yards measuring 1.5 mil dots.  For the Argos 1 mil dot is 3.6 inches at 100 yards. So at 110 yards one mil dot is 3.96 inches x 1.5 mil dots = 5.94 inches.