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I have a Cricket 25 and Mutant Shorty. I wouldn’t let the Cricket mag loading play a part in the decision. It’s slightly more difficult than the Mutant mag loading but not that different and neither will be an issue once you’ve done it 3 or 4 times. It’s a non-issue. 

The Colibri is not available anymore because they had a lot of problems. Working ones can be found in the classifieds but it would be at the bottom of my list. 

They are all awesome bullpups with no bad choices (except the Colibri). In 22 cal, I would go with either the Mutant or Wildcat. In 25 I’d go with the Cricket or Impact. 

If you go with the Impact, be prepared to wait a while. Not sure how long the waiting list is currently but last time I checked it was 6 months. 

I would forget about the Mutant barrel problem thing unless you plan to buy a shorty in the classifieds. There was one batch that didn’t have CZ barrels a while ago. All the ones being sold now have CZ barrels. There was never an issue with the standard. I think the Mutant is the best 22 cal on your list. 

btw, they all have history of problems but you don’t want to worry about history, only current issues…