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Good for you BigTinBoat! I have the Athlon Argos 6-24×50 FFP and am absolutely thrilled with it…but I am seriously thinking of buying one of the Athlon Talos 4-14×44 FFP scopes also! I’m thinking that for a lot of hunting situations like squirrel hunting or shooting pigeons and such, that the 4-14×44 is more than enough scope for the job. As a youth I hunted squirrels with my Daddy’s Marlin Lever Action .22LR that had a Weaver fixed 4x scope on it, and it was more than enough scope!

I haven’t held a Talos in my hands to chuck one out yet, but I want to real bad. I would have to hide it from my wife so I don’t have to hear “Another scope?” and see that look of condemnation on her face… :(   And the answer to your unspoken question is yes, I am a coward when it comes to facing my little wife with yet another purchase related to my airguns…she heard me talking to a friend on the phone last night about buying one of the new Priest Air Rifles in .177 caliber, and putting a 4-14 Talos on it, and she had a fit when I came to bed. Whew! 

Best regards and Happy Labor Day, Chuck