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The great advantage that FFP scopes have over SFP scopes is the fact that the reticle holdovers are 100% valid regardless of magnification …



This is the exact reason my next scope will either be Fixed or FFP.
At first I thought I can just use StreloK+ (like a bunch of others /’mI sure) and then just change the power on the display to match the power on the scope to get exact holdovers. Then I started thinking about how far off the AO’s #’s are on most scopes and then realized. “How do I know I am at 16 power when the scope indicator says I’m at 16 power? When my AO is adjusted for a lasered 50yds it reads like 60yds, so how can I even think the “scale” for power is right? Now I use my old 4-16x scopes and just leave them at max till I can get that 4-14 talos for $299.