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Glad to hear the lube on the probe helped.  I will second what hsnmz said about the spring.  I would also take a real close look at the breach seal oring and see if it has been damaged and is causing the probe to catch during the final few millimeters of the closing the action.  Take the covers off that house the bolt action and take a look inside.  They are made to come off and be swapped from left to right as if you were going to move the bolt to the opposite side.  Give it a good lube while your in there.  Also keep lubing the pellet probe brass to keep the breech oring well lubricated.  Run the action with the covers off very slowly and watch what is going on when you start feeling the resistance.  Might also check all the alignments while your taking a close look. Let us know what you find.  Happy shooting. 
I didn’t catch whether you mentioned if this is with the magazine in or out?  Obviously if it is with the magazine in, take it out and see if the problem still exists?  I also use a single shot tray and really like it.  There are some tricks (technique)  involved, I think that help make sure your pellets are not jammed but rather started and pressed into position, but this might be a trade secret that some of the top shots really don’t want to share?  lol.  Kinda like driving a 16 penny nail.  Hint, hint.