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I assume you have the unit with the auto purge? Time it and see how often it is purging. If purging to fast, slow it down. Your humidity will determine how often to set it. I did have a problem on mine taking a long time to fill, but chased it down to the quick connect on the hose leaking, but if you can plug the hose and build and hold pressure that eliminates any leaks. I guess it’s possible that the pop-it in the check valve could not be making a clean quick seat and letting some air purge backwards. You could try changing it and see if it helps. Simple to do. Undo the plug on top back of the unit with the provided wrench. Reach in with the tweezer and lift it out and replace it with one from the rebuild kit. While it is open run the compressor for a min and reach in and clean the inside with a Q-tip. If there were some grease in there that slowed the pop-it reset that would increase your fill time. Other then that, give Todd a call at AOA. Great guy and knows what he’s talking about. I’m questionable