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.25 Wildcat. Mine became my go-to rifle very quickly and has stayed there. My (competition) sweet spot (223-143b) gives me ~40 shots @900.6 with an SD of 2.15 last time I checked. Easy to shoot, easy to carry, easy to load, you can load pellets into the mag without taking it out, decent weight, mags are $40. It does have a little bit of a “crack” to it when shooting. I extended my shroud and it quieted right down. I’m sure a replacement LDC from Neil Clague, or others, would also quiet it down as well. It’s by no means loud, but it could be improved upon, sound wise. 
I don’t have experience with the .22 except hiding it. It was very light and I can only imagine it would have a lot of the same qualities. 
Switching over from traditional rifle to bullpup can be a journey for some.  
You’ve got a nice collection going there! :)