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Ok. I will put away the cell phone and get a camera to take better pictures.

I don’t think there is that much difference in our barrels ports.  With the o ring removed you can see I really don’t have much material in that area either (.0025″). That is literally paper thin (I measured a piece of ink jet paper and it was .003″) The difference between yours and mine might be within the set up of the machining equipment or the error tolerance of their equipment at FX. Or maybe they moved the bit .002″ down the barrel in an updated CNC program.  Only FX knows the answer to that.

Re your question on sending it back, if you are completely satisfied with the accuracy, I would hold on to it.  If AoA decided to declare it defective and replace it like they did with my .25 and .30 barrels you may or may not get one as accurate as the one you have.  If you aren’t happy with the accuracy, I’d call AoA, and explain your have accuracy issues and what you think might be a badly cut barrel.  You might get a new one like I did – and they ‘accurized it’ too.  Not sure what that entails, but they both shoot into 1/2 without me tuning at 50 yards now.