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This got me reading up on FFP scopes I’m still a little unsure.

If I competed in FT matches where range finders were not allowed and the distance is not known ahead of time, then a FFP scope would be a no brainer. I can also see a huge potential benefit for powder burner hunting at longer ranges. 

So the question is, what do you guys (who own them) think about using one for typical air gun hunting at 60 yards or less? The claim under the pros and cons is that FFP scopes do not allow the same precision as SFP scopes at lower magnifications. I.e. You loose the fine reticle. 

I tend to shoot on either 4x for very close range or 8x for 50-100 yards. How do you find the reticle at 6x? What magnification do you use at 30 yards (for example) and how easy is it to aim at a squirrels head? 

Keeping scopes light has been important to me when hunting. I couldn’t find any lightweight FFP scopes so, if I’m going to carry the extra weight, I wanted to ask if you find them worth it a shorter ranges vs a lightweight SFP plus a cheap range finder?

I found a few other lower cost FFP scopes btw. The cheapest one I found so far was the Primary Arms 4-14×44 FFP mil dot 10 yards to infinity AO at  $230. BSA also makes one with similar specs and price to this Argos, as does Sun Optics. They all seem to get good reviews for the price.

I have 3 new air rifles to get scopes for this week. Good to see it never gets any less confusing. Decisions, decisions, decisions…