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I have the Impact in 22 and 25, also a wildcat 22 and a 25. The rest on your list I have had no contact with. I keep coming back to the 22 wildcat. It’s my favorite gun and one that I will never sell. It just seems to fit me when shooting offhand and it’s much easier to hold still on the bench for some reason. Have not had the Impact long enough to get that warm fuzzy and while having all the great adjustments I cause myself accuracy problems messing with them. More then likely will find one setting and leave it there. The magazine of the wildcat is hands down easier to load. When hunting I can put  pellets in my shirt pocket and reach in and scoop and jiggle the mag and it comes out loaded. Fast and easy. Everything about the 25 wildcat is the same as the 22 except it just doesn’t have that small gun feel to me.