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Oldspook that may be the best post I’ve ever seen regarding springer power and accuracy . Very well said !
Granpappa remember when you see targets posted on forums they are always the best the shooter shoots . Nobody is gonna show you the targets on the days when they suck. Lol. As far as the 8 out of 10 ratio ..Well a big part of that is just springers . I’ve personally had guns that would one hole it for a short time but then the moon would shift in the sky , or a black cat ran thru the yard , or you just finished that manic tin of pellets …. And your back to reality . With an inexpensive springer tolerances aren’t as tight and they are almost always overpowered for their weight . Pick up a TX 200 and you’ll know what I mean . The truly accurate and repeatable springers are usually quite heavy and slow-kinda fast . Trying to figure it all out for me at least is a big part of springer appeal . Welcome to the addiction