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Personally I hunt/pest with airguns for the benefits of using an airgun. I can pest/hunt in areas that I cant with a firearm because of collateral damage or danger of ricochet or over penetration. Another benefit is the reduced noise unless you want to go thru the paper work and pay the extra cost to suppress a firearm. I find it very hard to beat airguns for small game hunting and especially pesting work. I dont want or have a need for an airgun shooting bullets cause I can just grab one of my powder burners for that if my pellet shooting airgun isnt up to the task. For the people that want/need airguns shooting bullets I say use what you think works best. The airgun bullet scenario just doesnt work for me. Manufacturers may believe the demand isnt high enough or that the benefits are not enough to warrant the production of a bullet ready airgun in a small caliber. Todays pcp can push the heaviest available pellets to some very high fpe numbers with lots of penetration. There are plenty of people who have successfully taken large wild boars with .22 cal pcp rifles. All it takes is good stalking ability and good hunting/shooting skills to get the job done cleanly every time. Thats how it should be even if you are using cast slugs or a firearm to hunt with. Thats my personal opinion on the subject and I know others will see things different.