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Marksman3006Get to know your neighbors. You will be living next to them for a long time. Start with an informal beer or cookout. Maybe invite the husband over to do some plinking with your “pellet gun”. I say that because it doesnt carry the taboo of “air rifle” to the uneducated layman. Their fear will subside with knowledge. If it were me…..I wouldnt shoot for now around the house until you get to know your neighbors. I would take that time to build a silent pellet trap as well. If push vomes to shove you will probably lose. Turn your neighbor into an airgun freak like yourself and or at least make them knowledgeable enough for their fear to subside.

This is true, we’ve gotten to talk to a couple of our neighbors and they are super nice have had a few cold ones and family conversation, there are a couple of them that they just won’t budge… Been here for 5 months and its been like pulling teeth… Everything from howdy neighbor to help them when they are outside cutting the grass or trimming trees and I’ve helped out but they are just… Different. I ultimately there are two of them that really concern me… I’m not trigger happy by no means so I have avoided shooting until we can break that ice or barrier.. I’d hate to sell my FX for this only reason… I’ll keep trying though in the end, I will hold off until we can get that bond going or change strategies with a quieter pcp.

I appreciate the advise, thank you Marksman3006.