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Hello again Berky, 
That is a beautiful 80 yard group…3/4″! I would like to tell you one of the things I do to get the kind of accuracy I talk about. First I use only the JSB Heavy MKII 33.95 grain pellets, because the wind moves them much less than the JSB 25.4 grain pellets. The first thing I do with new pellets is clean them with acetone. This removes any oils, graphite, waxes, or other lubricants used during the manufacturing process.  Acetone is as completely clear as air…but look at it after cleaning a few cans of pellets…you won’t believe how dirty they truly are. Anyway, after the acetone wash, I pour them through a screen and then onto a soft old t-shirt to dry. Then I put them in an old bowl and spray a couple shots of Napier pellet lube on them. This is the very minimum treatment for my pellets.

However, if I am going for the absolute best accuracy I weigh and sort my pellets after I clean them with Acetone, and then I spray a little Napier on them. Don’t over due it with the Napier…a little dab will do ya! I weigh my pellets on a digital grain scale while watching TV…I can weigh about one thousand in an evening. After weighing a lot of pellets I end up with a bunch of piles that are 1/10th of a grain different…the piles will be like 33.2gr, 33.3, 33.4, …33.9, 34.0 … 34.4, 34.6 … up to say 35.4gr. Then I put all the pellets of the same weight in plastic baggies with a note showing the weight those. So that when I shoot them at a target everything in the magazine is exactly the same weight, to within 1/10th of a grain.

So after cleaning, weighing, throwing away the ones with deformed skirts, and spraying with a little Napier, I let them sit for a few days before I shoot them. Because the cleaned pellets seem to absorb the Napier…they are still slick to the touch but are not oily. I began doing this a few years ago with my .25 Sumatra and still do it for my .25 Wildcat. To prove the effort is worth the time involved do what I described above, then go to the range and shoot from a concrete bench rested position with some of these pellets through a clean barrel. Then clean the barrel again and shoot some pellets straight from the can…you will see what I mean when you go down and look at your target! 

By the way, if you think the pellets in the can from any manufacturer weigh exactly what it says on the lid, then you are sadly mistaken. For example: when weighing a thousand  JSB “25.4 grain” pellets MAYBE 100 actually weigh 25.4 grains…the other 900 will weigh anywhere from 24.0 grains to 26.5 grains. So imagine loading a magazine with pellets that are not the same weight and expecting them to go to the same place on the target. For example: imagine having a magazine loaded with one pellet that weighs 24gr. and one that weighs 25.9 grains, do you think they are going to hit the target at the same place? If you do, don’t shoot against me for money…but if you do what I do your groups will shrink significantly, and you will be just amazed at how much more accurate your .25 Wildcat just became! Good luck Berky!

Best regards, Chuck