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I have a .22 cricket standard with a 6-24×50 aeon scope that is absolutely lights out accurate!!
It has a knock-off clone bi-pod and it is truly the nicest squirrel,pigeon,rabbit sparrow hunting machine I have ever owned.
about 84 shots per fill at 30 foot pounds, super quiet, very rugged, very dependable!!
Who-ever shot a .22 cricket and did not fall in love?? lol

In close second is my .25 cricket bullpup with an aeon 8-32×50,
This guy is a little heavier, a little louder, a little meaner, but when that 33.95 grain Jsb MK1 pellet leaves the barrel at 920 fps it can only mean one thing! Serious trouble at the receiving end…..  It is usually not pretty…. This is a hard hitting super-accurate pcp that all other .25s are judged by in my opinion.

I would definately sell my .25 first if I had to sell one of my guns, but I am sure I would be wiping tears as it headed out the driveway.