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This is kind of a open question,, because there is not enough data to know where the issue may lie
Are you shooting outside, wind can change
are you shooting bench, or free
It may not be your technique at all but the pellets, even a slight deformation of the skirt will cause flyers or a difference in weight can cause issues. Even ted was a little put off with a brand he shot at a competition because of pellets being an issue. 
If your flyers are random during your session then most likely that is the issue. 
A lot depends on when you are getting the flyers to determine the issue for good example 
If your flyers are consistently at the end of your shoot then you are having issues with fatigue and pretty much is a matter of practice and training 
If your flyers are consistently at the start of your spread then your breathing control may be an issue. And may be a simple solution of getting in position relax and centering yourself before you start.

be it bow, gun, or air consistency is the key element of accuracy. do not let a few fly offs make you change your technique at least not until you are sure you are the issue.