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Just shot a few .22 Monsters and Beasts yesterday to see the velocity in my Condor SS

Monsters were in the 940FPS+ area (PW at 6), Beasts in the 885fps area.(PW at 7), all with a 18″ SS barrel.

This gun has a 24″ barrel coming, so velocity will be at least 50+fps more .. if so, those will be terrific #’s Shooting in the mid 900’s with a 34gr .22 pellet is crazy.

I won’t buy both of these pellets for stock, I will see which one shoots the best and buy those. Monsters at -950++ is not bad either, and are way cheaper ;-  ) I have read too as you guys have stated that the Monsters act more like slugs than pellets when driven quick and still keep their accuracy ?