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My favorite of the ones I own is the Edgun R3 in .22: easy to handle, accurate, efficient, lightweight.
but only single shot and , as most bullpups, somewhat “top-heavy”. 
My favorite future ar, is the fx royale 500: lightweight, accurate to 80 yards (at least i hope), verrry efficient, good trigger, should buck the wind better then a .22. But wont get it until i find an old style walnut stock for it….
A contender may be the WAR Flex, but I have not held one yet, and it may be too topheavy due to distance between trigger and heart of the barrel… Dunno. O, and it may be on the heavy side, but havent been able to find specs on it… but it looks good, seems accurate and sturdy….
ofcourse all topped by a bushnell elite or leupold efr, my favorites for ar’s