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With the Mutant even with the LDC off and the LDC s on the Crickets they (crickets) seem very loud,
The only reason I put a LDC on the mutant is just for grins and kicks, The impact of the pellet is so loud it scares the other sparrows off anyway,
90% of my shooting is without a LDC, Now I will install it to impress my brothers or some in-laws,  Or for the cool factor,
Got a couple of red squirrels around, But there on the no shoot list, Only seen two.
Had a couple of ground squirrels coming under my bird feeders , dumb me took out all three of them ion a day, Should have waited until they started family’s
Sparrows are my main prey, a few euro doves to fed the turtles, Copy and paste I will try.
Lets se if this works,