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Smaug, I’m going to venture outside on Monday and stretch my legs a little.  I have a place where I can shoot 35 – 40 yards.  I have tried left-handed shooting with my 223 and it was a horrible exercise in disappointment!  I have learned to adapt.

​Heck yeah, I’m measuring group size!  It has nothing to do with the rifle, it is far more accurate than I am capable of.  This is a competition; me against me.  Nope only 27 shots so far.  I can’t speculate on the accuracy of the rifle because I’m not a machine, and I represent the greatest variance within the firing cycle!  All I can take away from my shooting today is that the combination of rifle and Chris is capable of shooting 5mm three shot groups from a sitting positon, while resting my support hand over my crossed knee at nine yards from the target!  ;0)  I can’t really go hunting due to my RHS, because I get very tipsy when walking on uneven ground, which usually results in a serious migraine.  That especially sucks because I used to be an avid primitive archer and loved to still hunt squirrels, turkey and deer.

​Here’s the key issues for me: 

  • I had a ton of fun. 
  • I’m excited about target shooting again. 
  • I don’t have to drive to a range 5 miles away and suffer a bunch of dipwads that know nothing about firearms, safety, or proper range conduct. 
  • I can afford​ to shoot the HW95 as much as I like.
  • I don’t have to reload ammo before target shooting.
  • I had a ton of fun!