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I have both the Vulcan and the Mutant.  Vulcan in 25 and the Mutant of course is in 22.  I have LDC’s for both of them, one from Neil Clague and the other from Talon Tunes.  I originally bought the TT LDC for my Vulcan but I still felt like it was a bit loud for my backyard.  I figured I’d give Neil a call and sure enough his LDC actually made my Vulcan backyard friendly now.  

Since I had the extra LDC, I had Neil make me an adapter end piece for the Mutant so I could rock the TT LDC on it.  To be honest, the Mutant stock form was pretty quiet, a lot more quiet than the Vulcan in 25 stock (obviously with more air going through the 25), but with the LDC added to the Mutant, this thing is QUIET!  First couple times I thought I had a misfire or something stuck.  It IS that quiet!  I think the Mutant does a better job of keeping the hammer sound down as well, cuz I don’t seem to hear much of that compared to my Vulcan.  But man, the addition of the LDC with the already quiet Mutant, it is really mouse fart quiet though.