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“Steyr”liking the chunky look of your ldc! but, with the greatest respect, imho, adding a ldc to a bullpup kinda defeats the purpose of having a short pointable air rifle. i am sure the standard mutant is shorter than your ldc’d shorty? why not just get the standard with the higher shot count and power.

It depends how short the bullpup is. The Shorty is 22″ so it is still far shorter than most other bullpups even with an LDC. It’s definitely still pointable. 

A lot of people add an LDC or extra baffles to bullpups. It’s very common with Wildcat and Vulcan owners plus every Korean bullpup. When you need it, you need it. 

I would argue that it makes more sense to add an LDC to a bullpup than a full length rifle. Some of my full length air guns become completely unmanageable with an LDC as they approach 48″-50″. You can make a Shorty as close to silent as they get while keeping it far shorter than most carbines with no LDC or shroud at all. 

Plus, as you can see in the pics, it comes off if he suddenly has the need for close quarter squirrel combat and can’t manage his 27″ gun….