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Went out this am, with the wind blowing at 12mph at 8am (just a total PITA) … anyway fired off a few shots before my chronograph blew off my truck bed.

Monsters (25gr) were averaging ~945 fps and the Beasts (34gr) were coming in around 885 fps. I Have a new 22 cal 24″ barrel on the way which I think should give these pellets another 50 fps. PW was at 6 for the Monsters and 7 for the Beast, 7 is pretty high but did not have a chance to do much testing because I was busy trying to shoot in between wind gust.

When I get the 24″ barrel and shroud I will test for accuracy at 60 yds, and the winner will be the pellet I use … I’m not going to stock both these two weights .. I will test in my Career 707 .22 also ;-  ) If I can get in the 950ish fps with the beast (with the longer barrel I should be around that speed) .. that will be a a heavy smashing bench air rifle for sure.

I did some calculation on ChairGun but I have no idea the BC of these two pellets … so I just took the BC of a 22 cal Kodiak at .0360 and gave both of these a BC of .0380 to be conservative. I’m assuming the BC is better than the .22 cal Kodiak ?

If anyone has a rough BC please post as I would really like to get an idea of what it is ?

Thanks Guys.