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Hi guys

I’ve just got .22 Monsters through the Impact but having odd results. Pack says 5.52mm head but on pelletgage most only falling through 5.54mm so likely a 5.53mm head.

At 130bar reg pressure, power 3, and Valve above 2, following is what Impact fires at:

.25 JSB 25.4gr : 890fps
.22 JSB 18gr : 920fps
.22 JSB 25.4gr : 800fps*

I did the power to Max and opened up the valve but monsters maxed out at 815fps. Wont go above that.

I’m just wondering what regulator pressure in your FX ST rifles you guys are shooting these monsters (before I adjust the reg to 140+)? And were these full length ST barrels as Impact .22 barrel is just 18″.

Maybe this barrel is not long enough to push this pellet above 920fps?