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Hey Johnsgwh!
I also decided that my first new airgun would be a “springer” or break-barrel. I ordered a Benjamin Trail NP2 .22 wood stock break-barrel a couple of months ago. The “barrel-droop” was so bad that I could not zero-in the included scope! I sent it back and asked for another one, as I figured it was just a “bad apple” in the bunch…Well, the second one had more barrel-droop than the first one and the barrel canted to the right as well! I could not zero that one either, so I sent it back also! 
After much more research and many hours of watching or reading airgun reviews, I chose the Hatsan Mod 95 in .22 caliber. I am really pleased with my choice and pleasantly surprised at the quality, consistency and power of that airgun! And, the best part is it was only $210 from Airgun Depot!
Go with the Diana if you have the bucks…But, remember the Hatsan is a great deal cheaper and a good hunting rifle as well! Best of luck in your search!