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Hello Berky,
I have a .25 Wildcat also and from your chrony numbers on both the 25 grain & 34 grain JSB’s I can tell you that your gun is shooting perfectly, and needs no hammer spring adjustment even. And with that in mind I am writing to encourage you to enjoy shooting your gun, and otherwise leave it alone! 

I have had my Wildcat since last February…and after adjusting my hammer spring in conjunction with shooting it over my chrony my numbers almost exactly mirrored yours. I prefer to shoot the JSB Heavy 34 grain pellets as they seem to buck the wind better that the 25 grain…And like yours it was absolutely lights out accurate…how accurate you say? Well it won’t do it every time, and it won’t do it when its too windy and gusty, but my very best 4 shot groups were shot on Mothers Day at a 100 yard range, under picture perfect conditions, were 1/2″ at 100 yards…But could I leave it alone? 

I saw Ted’s video a few weeks ago about his new .25 Impact shooting the JSB Heavy 34gr. at 860 ft./s and thought, “I wonder if my gun will do that”. To make an agonizing story shorter and less painful suffice to say I wish I had left my gun alone! I borrowed a reg. tester from a friend up north, who also made me a heavier brass hammer…and by the time this was all over I ruined one regulator, bought a brand new one and installed it but couldn’t get velocity above 530 ft./s…turns out the heavier hammer beat the valve pin and seat assembly to death, and at that point I sent what was left to Airguns of Arizona to have Steve put it back in “as new” condition. I have been hopping around on one leg trying to kick myself in the ass, but I keep falling on my stupid face! I should be the poster child for NOT messing around with your Wildcat! :( 

The good news is that I spoke to AOA and found out my gun is fixed and has been shipped back to me today…on that subject let me just say that I have nothing but praise and gratitude for the guys out there at Airguns of Arizona. I learned this expensive and valuable lesson the hard way…and am sharing it with you free of charge! Anybody care to pass the hat to help this crash test dummy pay for these repairs? :)

Best regards, Chuck