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“dr_beretta”Smaug what caliber is your TX200? If it’s 0.177 then the 12 ft lb kit will be fine, but if it’s in 0.22, you’ll likely lose enough velocity to make your trajectory very loopy at greater distances. I looked at the same kits you linked to and decided for my 0.22, the SHO kit would be my choice as I use my guns for hunting/pest control with occasional paper punching so I like a bit more power. 

Good point, I had not considered that!

Mine’s a .177. Since I rarely get a shot at anything bigger than a squirrel, and then only in my back yard, I figured .177 is enough medicine and has a nice flat trajectory inside 50 yards.

As for my shooting type distribution, I’d say I do about 65% target shooting, between my 14 yard basement range at home and the 100 yard range at my local airgun club, then about 25% field target, and 10% pesting in the back yard.

Another thing I didn’t consider is that the 12 FPE kit is probably notably quieter than the 16 FPE one, which would make the TX so I could shoot it in the back yard, instead of just being limited to my Marauder and HW30.