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I’ve both the .22 and the .25. The first thing I noticed moving from the .22 to the .25 was the firing cycle. Pushing 33 grain pellets means that there will be a little muzzle jump. “Riding” the rifle the same way, every time, makes a difference when you stretch it’s legs.
My .22 was loved on by Ernest Rowe, and is slick as snot. As mentioned, the stock .25 wasn’t exactly a swiss watch- but after 30-40 squirrels were permanently retired, it’s moving much better in all fashions.
I’ve an aftermarket ldc and you hear just the pellet smack.
And Smack it does. I’m using polymags (not the most accurate choice), but when it comes to punching tickets, the polymags make up with destruction what they lack in needle threading accuracy. I’ve used JSB’s with great success, but nothing sends death and destruction like poly’s.
I think I lost my train of thought, remembering the final exit of oh, so many ground squirrels.
Anyways, I heartily recommend a shotgun sling- the type with two loops.  Put the two loops through the back cutout, sling it over your shoulder crosswise, and it’s like my old MP-5: you hardly know it’s there until you need it.
And a good scope-  a good scope gives good results, ’nuff said about that.