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It is ridiculously silent… especially since we are talking about it the way it comes (I.e. no aftermarket ldc). With an additional ldc, people that have that set-up, seem to think of it as the benchmark for quiet air guns. 

The design of the baffles doesn’t look to be anything special. It looks different to what I’ve seen in other shrouds but nothing radical like the Edgun Lelya square shroud design. It has the vent holes already in place I guess. Perhaps it is simply the volume of expansion space. The tube diameter is noticeably wider than my 25 Cricket but then again, the Shorty shroud is…um…. short.

I think there is a lot a I don’t really understand about air gun noise. It is clearly more complicated than the size of the shroud and the barrel length. The more efficient guns seem to be generally quieter. 

It would be interesting to test the Mutant shroud on a 22 Vulcan or Wildcat. I think they might use the same threads. That way, we’d know if it’s the shroud design or something else. All three guns have comparable power in 22 cal.