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Wild West got back to me on the stock screw hole thing and said that the manufacturer told them it is “within tolerance” (or something) and won’t effect accuracy. I beg to differ on that. I’ve seen first hand how even turning a screw slightly too tight will shift the poi. If screws are boring away the wood on day one, well it’s fairly obvious what comes next… There is a reason why people pillar bed their stocks….

Either way, Wild West said they would exchange it for a stock with round screw holes for me if I like. I’m going to take them up on their kind offer as non-round screw holes make me feel dirty and ashamed. 

I report on how the replacement stock measures up but it is good to see them fixing my issue despite the manufacturers less enthusiastic approach… 

The original Mutant / Raptor 3 stock design looks identical to the current Vulcan stock. I wonder why they changed it… The Vulcan stock shape is clearly easier on the eye.