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“Verve”Could one of your guys please share the picture(s) of the mutant’s baffles?

This guy posted pics of them in his review:

I was looking for a pic too to save me opening my shroud. I was dying to see what made it so much quieter than my other air guns. I’m not sure if that guy’s pics are the latest version though. I was suprised at how ordinary they look  but there is at least one piece missing. When I look through the hole at the back, I can see a silver perforated disk as if it has large vent holes. I couldn’t see that in his photos so it might be an older version or something.

If anyone has opened their mutant shroud and taken pics, I’d like to see them too. If nobody has them, I will open mine and post pics. 

I  think there might be more to it than just a good shroud for making the Mutant quiet. A Career 707 is louder even when the power wheel is turned to the minimum (so less power is being put out than the Mutant) and an 8″ x 1.5″ LDC is attached which suggests that valve efficiency and breach design plays a part too.