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Very often, a PCP rolls out of the factory with its valve system not optimized to work efficiently even though they are very much capable of doing so.  This goes for many models priced as those (or higher) in the elite class.  To give you an example, I discovered that my Cricket .22, although it was shooting very consistently at 32 FPE out of the box, had its hammer and valve spring tension and regulator setting imprecisely adjusted.  Thus these components were not working harmoniously to produce efficient shot charges.  The extreme spread was very impressive 6 – 8 FPS; however, I was only getting a maximum of 56 shots from 220 – 150 BAR.  Lessening the hammer spring tension, tightening the valve spring tension, and cleaning and tuning the regulator increased my shot count to 98 shots, though with a slight drop in energy (29 FPE).

In light of the above, having a PCP that has an adjustable valve and hammer spring tension, as well as a regulator, helps a great deal in having some degree of control in air usage.  With my Cricket now powered down to shoot 14.3 grain pellets at 525 FPS (that is, 8 FPE), I am able to get over 430 shots with an extreme spread of 10-13 FPS from 220 – 50 BAR.  At this power level, it is still able to shoot with one-hole precision all the way to my maximum shooting distance of 27 yards in my backyard.  Of course, that’s with the valve system tuned—not modified.