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Ted did an interesting video a while back on the difference between a .22 and .25 He spoke of the added margin that was available with the .25 I’m by no means anti hunting, I tip my hat to air gunners across the pond, they make do with what’s allowed them by law. I tried shooting .177 only to witness similar situations, be it shooter error, wind or miscalculations. I did the same thing to a woodchuck with a .22 The jaw separated at the hinge and the pellet exited the opposite side thru the lower teeth. I discovered this 4 days later when the chuck came staggering down a trail I was posted on. I did a well placed shot with the .25 and dropped it there. For me it made me take a look real hard at the options the animal has with a poorly placed shot. Bleeding out, infections, lead poisoning, or making it back to a hole to die of dehydration. Light tackle fishing is great and if you can get on fish without having to contend with abrasive structure and snags, a great time can be had. Light tackle hunting when all the stars have to line up, a lot of times they don’t.