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“blackdiesel”Ok no objective I just wonder which PCPs get the highest shot counts at 3000 psi fill.  I have a Cricket also so I’m not trying to compare guns just interested in guns with power at 3000 psi fills. 

I understand that part. I assumed the issue was that your tank, pump or compressor was limited to 3000 psi. That wouldn’t prevent you using a regulated gun with a 300 bar max fill pressure with a 3000 psi fill though. That’s the part I’m not getting – the reason for excluding guns just because their tanks are rated to hold more air without breaking. 

In regulated guns like the Cricket, their power is consistent at 4000 psi 3000 psi and 1500psi so the only difference running it at 3000 psi is shot count. I could understand the issue in extreme big bores or dump valve guns which have to be run at either 3000 or 4500psi depending on the tuning. 

In any event, shot count is going to be largely based on air capacity, power and the efficiencies created by regulators. Even high end unregulated guns don’t seem to have shot counts that are out of the ordinary. Using the Daystate Regal as an example, it’s valve is better than average but the shot count is just average.