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When it comes to springers, power most frequently comes at the expense of a smooth shooting cycle. My first TX200 shot a 12.65 grain pellet at 19 ft/lbs and then settled in at 18 ft/lbs. Accuracy was excellent and life was good. Unfortunately, someone decided that they needed my TX200 more than I did. My second TX200 was shooting the same 12.65 grain pellets at 24 ft/lbs. As you would expect, there was a total loss of accuracy with the 12.65 grain pellet and a noticeable difference in cocking force, recoil and noise. If your primary use is field target the 12 ft/lb spring would be an excellent choice. Remember that it only takes 5 ft/lbs delivered at the point of impact to kill small game. I used “ChairGun” to check on 12 ft/lbs with my current pellet and it shows a 50% energy retention (6 ft/lbs) out to 41 yards.