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I would ask AOA whether they loc-tited everything or not. I would assume not. 

In that case, I second what ajshoots said, but would also add that when you take the screws out to loctite them, also clean them with alcohol first. If the screws or threads in the gun have oil in them, the loctite may not adhere properly. Cleaning the screw holes is not as easy.

I think you’ll find it’s pretty well set-up, right out of the box. 

One other thing: it’ll be hard, but try not to judge accuracy right away. It may amaze you right out of the box, but it may not, too. For the first hundred rounds, I’d probably shoot some cheap pellets. Maybe Walmart Crosman Premiers or RWS Supermag wadcutters or RWS Superdome. After that, it’ll get better and better (assuming nothing shoots loose) for the next 500 rounds or so.